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Volume 1

    Leighitza Longstreet's story begins to unfold in Volume 1, Sounds of a Broken Heart, of Raging Silence Book Series.  The first chapter, titled SOUNDS OF NATURE, reaches into the soul of nature and its inherent forces, and compares them with the sounds of a broken heart.  As the seas of the earth in all their glory, whip up violent waves, dip into the depths of their bellies, and roar through the sands in the bowels of the beds that lie beneath their floors, so goes Leighitza Longstreet's broken heart.  The emotional pain brought to Leighitza Longstreet by her concupiscent husband that vowed to love her forever and faithfully so, has anchored her frozen heart beneath the bed of the deep sea of love her heart once held for him.  Read how Leighitza works through it all in Raging Silence Book Series, Volumes 1-8.


Volume 2

    Leighitza Longstreet's story continues in Raging Silence Book Series, Volume 2, Pastor-Lover Adam and Parishioner-Lover Eve.  The first chapter, titled THE INFAMOUS LUST ROW, begins with Leighitza taking a job as the secretary to the administrative staff of her beloved church.  On her job, she soon discovers an abundance of sin in full bloom.  Within the smoldering walls of this great international church is a Satan-wrapped mixture of adultery, lust, murders, thievery, lying, and backstabbing.  To the deep sadness of Leighitza's heart, her church experiences international infamy that threatens to turn it into permanent ashes.


Volume 3

    The first chapter of The Concupiscent Firefighters, Volume 3 of Raging Silence Book Series, titled FIREFIGHTER BODY ENGINES ABLAZE, encompasses the beginning of Leighitza's eight-year marriage to Dean Longstreet and up to one year after she divorced him.  During their marriage, Dean Longstreet's lusting loins find cunning and entertaining ways to satisfy his enormous appetite for an array of female companions lurking around the trees in the forest winding down to the base of their marriage mountain.  The concupiscent-fueled engine ablaze within the body of this former Marine, now a full-time city firefighter, has a starring role in Leighitza's Exodus Book of Records full of written descriptions of his creative exits to meet his high demand for shady women of the night.  The bidding of the franchise rows of restaurants, the shopping malls, and other places offering services to fulfill the desires of the heart and mind, could not hold a candle to the ability of Dean Longstreet to locate the kind of woman that would spend a few short hours, or a few days with him.


The Remarkable
Volume 4

    Leighitza Longstreet's path in life begins to change in Volume 4, Dr. Almost Sychomiself, of Raging Silence Book Series.  Leighitza's LONG WALK, which is the title to the first chapter in The Remarkable Dr. Almost Sychomiself, leads her in a surprising direction.  After Leighitza divorced Dean Longstreet, she felt that Jacob's ladder had drawn back into heaven and her prayers were floating all around the sun, the moon, and the stars.  Weighing heavily on Leighitza Longstreet's mind was the possibility that the dominions of God's heaven and earth influencing her life had ceased recognizing that she still existed.  Leighitza seeks a cure for her broken heart through psychotherapy in which sanity spirituality, and paranormal events are revealed and taken to task.  Leighitza always considered herself an unsolicited and uneducated psychotherapist on the loose, which is her tongue-in-cheek description of her interest in human nature and psychology.  Her interest in psychology was brought about due to the manipulative behavior of her former husband during their marriage.  The results of her consideration to seek psychotherapy regarding her broken heart greatly surprise her.  She is even more surprised that she meets a gorgeous and highly educated psychotherapist that is a board certified doctor of medicine, with impressive credentials in business and finance, as well.  Step by step, she learns these things about this very handsome and very tall man that is the only son of an Italian mother and an English father, and so much more.


Volume 5

    In Volume 5, Jabeza Jones, of Raging Silence Book Series, Jabeza Jones enters Leighitza Longstreet's life in the first chapter, titled HEALING RAYS OF SUNSHINE.  Jabeza Jones is an African American woman facing the loss of her husband and homelessness.  Jabeza Jones and Leighitza Longstreet cross in unexpected circumstances that help Jabeza walk toward the recovery of her life.  On her own terms before meeting Leighitza, Jabeza tried to work through the emotional pain brought to her by the accidental death of her husband.  The story of Jabeza Jones continues in Volume 8, titled Amidst Ardor Aglow.  In these two volumes, Jabeza Jones tell her story in depth to reveal how she regained her integrity and pride that helped her rebuild her self-esteem as she climbed from the bottom of a hole she dug so deeply for herself that she could barely see the sky.  Jabeza is a proud American-born citizen, and a Republican to a 'T,' most certainly.  As far as Jabeza is concerned, the 'T' does not necessarily, yet may necessarily, mean Tea.  In Jabeza's mind, she never considered herself a politician.  In her heart, she knew she had to be a part of helping others.  If it took politics to help others, then politics was going to be her goal.  The life story of Jabeza Jones does not end in Volume 8 of Raging Silence Book Series.  She has many more great plans and goals for her life.


Volume 6

    More turmoil continues to enter Leighitza Longstreet's life through her good friends, in the form of national and international political issues that rock the nation.  The Clairvoyant Mrs. Winter, Volume 6, of Raging Silence Book Series, begins to unfold in the first chapter, titled INTERNATIONAL INTRIGUE WITHIN THE NSA.  Mrs. Winter, the wife of Sam Winter, reveals her clairvoyance regarding scandalous activities within the in-office President's administration.  The stealthy plotting by the in-office President is prowling swiftly in the shadows against justice, liberty, and freedom for all people that occupy Leighitza's country, a country she loves AMERICA.  His goal is to bring down the greatest nation in the world, piece by piece, the same as a paper cutter would slice a piece of paper with interlocking steel-cutting teeth that prevent recovery.  In actuality, these scandalous activities are already ripping through the personal lives of WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America, shredding their lives into unrecoverable small pieces at an alarming rate of speed.  From sea to shining sea, America witnesses an in-office President of the United States of America facing the possible loss of his own freedom and liberty as the American people and Congress seek to throw him out of office.


Volume 7

    The story continues in Angel Over The White House, Volume 7, of Raging Silence Book Series.  Beginning in the first chapter, titled A DINNER PARTY TO REMEMBER, America faces a turning point revealed through the national news networks that shakes the people of America to their ankles.  This turn of events is announced to the nation during the evening dinner party Leighitza is giving in her home.  Through it all, an in-office President of the United States of America has an uninvited visitor to the White House.  In his secret conference with this uninvited visitor, the in-office President faces his own mortality.  What choice does he make?  Does he have a choice?


Volume 8

    Amidst Ardor Aglow, Volume 8, of Raging Silence Book Series, brings Leighitza Longstreet's experience of having a deeply broken heart and her path to recovery to new heights of profound and unexpected revelations.  In the first chapter of Amidst Ardor Aglow, titled I NO LONGER FEAR MY TOMORROWS, Leighitza reviews her path to recovery and her very arduous climb.  One year after Leighitza divorced Dean Longstreet, things drastically change for her.  The moment a marvelous man came into Leighitza's life in highly unusual circumstances, and for the following year, he could not begin or end his day without seeing the woman that caused his heart to beat with real love for the first time in his life.  To this gorgeous man, born to an Italian mother and an English father, Leighitza Longstreet was that very woman.  A day came in Leighitza life that was a day she shall never forget.  That day arrived shortly after Leighitza came to the end of writing her book about her brokenhearted experience brought to her by her former husband during their eight-year marriage.  This day might end with Leighitza having the most enchanting evening she would ever experience up to that moment in her life.  The possibility of that enchanted evening occurring depends on her response to a question she is asked by the gorgeous, wonderful, and highly romantic Dr. Alden Jeffrey Antonio Clement, the only son of an Italian mother and an English father.  Does she answer the question in a certain way that will bring great joy to this charming man that is asking her the question, or does she continue to wallow in her broken heart?  Does she only dream about being amidst ardor aglow with a fabulous mystery man in her dreams that is a figment of her imagination, or does she allow her dream to come to life?  If you have not read Volumes 1 through 7, in Raging Silence Book Series, you will not have a full reading experience or understanding of the entire Leighitza Longstreet story.

Book Series



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